ECE 2.1.0 Shard based allocations and 2.0.1

In the ECE 210 release notes, it says

  • Disk-based shard allocation settings are now enabled by default. These settings affect only newly created clusters.

Is this available in 201, as an ECE feature as well? The 'by default' seems to indicate we can use it.

If anyone can point me to the notes for it, I'd appreciate it.

Sorry I think I'm misunderstanding the question ... 2.1.0 is the first release for which we enable disk based shard allocation by default. In any ECE version you can configure it post cluster creation for any ES version that supports it (and it's a pretty old feature I think)


I realized I misread the intention of that feature after I posted.
The feature listed with ECE IS to limit the shards and 'capacity' on the node... The high/low watermark features. (Now via an ECE setting, which is nice to have)

I was confusing it with the Rollover features where it allows for setting the maximum size of the shard. Which does STILL appear to require Curator to function.

It would be nice to have that as a 'default' capability of ES... BUT, for ECE, I would want these post-rolllover indices to NOW automatically migrate to a Warm Node, and get them off of the Hot Nodes. Which I think IS an ILM capability.. just not the first part to create them automatically.

Elastic really should put out an Updated YouTube around ILM and Hot/Warm nodes.

Makes sense - for pragmatic reasons we had to build a simplified ILM to support hot/warm but the long term plan is to transition to using ILM (and explicit support for ILM in ECE will come in a nearish future release, which will remove the need for curator, yay)


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