ECE Best practices for Staging + Production

I'm looking for the best practices for managing my Elasticsearch clusters needs with ECE.

Basically I have:
2 projects in the US (staging + production)
2 projects in the UK (staging + production)

And I need to create an Elasticsearch cluster for each of these projects, so 4 in total.
Below is what I've considered.

Option 1
1 centralized ECE installation for managing all 4 clusters.
I would then add multiple hosts, some in the US region some in the UK region.
From what I understand that means every clusters will use nodes in both UK and US. Not ideal as obviously I'd like my US project to use only the US region and same for UK.

Option 2
1 ECE installation for the US region.
1 ECE installation for the UK region.
Each installation would have a staging and a production cluster.
This way both US and UK will be using nodes in their respective regions, though staging and production will share the same nodes.

Option 3
1 ECE installation for staging.
1 ECE installation for production.
Each installation would have a US and a UK cluster.
Same problem as option 1.

Option 4
1 ECE installation for US staging.
1 ECE installation for US production.
1 ECE installation for UK staging.
1 ECE installation for UK production.
Everything is properly isolated, but it defeats the purpose of having one centralized instalaltion for managing different clusters. (So does option 2 and 3 btw).

Any thoughts on this? What would be the recommended approach?
Is there a way when creating a cluster in ECE to make it run only on specific runners? that would solve it I guess.

Many thanks.

Option 2 seems to be the way to go as an ECE installation is designed to host multiple clusters, but should not span different regions.

Thanks Christian, I'll investigate option 2 in more details.

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