Nodes not balanced within Zone

I have region with 3 zones.
Zone1 - one allocator host
Zone2 - 2 allocators hosts
Zone3 - one allocator host

I created a cluster with 5 nodes per zone, and in zone2 (the one with 2 hosts )
it created all 5 nodes on a single host leaving the otherone empty.

even when trying to move a single node to the other allocator
(using the Target flag or even without it ) it moved ALL the nodes to the second allocator (leaving the one empty again)

am i missing something in the behaviour ?
shouldn't nodes be balanced between the allocators (within the same zone ) ?


Hi @D.J

You'll have to distinguish between zones and nodes in a deployment on top of ECE. If you have multiple zones defined and you deploy a new Elasticsearch cluster with multiple zones, ECE will distribute it across the zones. If you select one zone and have multiple instances, it will not distribute the instances, as ECE has a fill-first approach. You can find this information somewhere in the docs.

I hope this helps you.


Thank you !

Hi there,
there is a doc article that I think could be useful for you @D.J. Thanks @Lafunamor for the response!

UPD Sorry, forgot to add the reference

@Yuri There is a line break in the URL which let's it point to a wrong url

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