Why some allocators are not used?

I have 3 zones and assign 2 allocators in 2 zones while 1 allocator in 1zone.

After some cluster deployment operations, I find that 2 allocators are not used any more like below screenshot.

This seems to be not reasonable because the cluster allocation is not balanced between all allocators.

Is this a normal result?
Ans how does ece coordinator determine which allocator to use for a new cluster node? What is the allocation algorithm?

Currently we pack as tightly as possible, which is a historical consequence of the economics of how our SaaS worked. We actually have the ability to select different bin packing policies in our master branch, so that should be out in 2.2


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Thanks, @Alex_Piggott
When will 2.2 be released? :wink:

We don't have hard and fast release dates, to avoid "crunches", so I can't give a very useful answer on this. But we are a few weeks away from the planned code freeze, so it will likely be >1 month away.


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