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Simple question, running ECE, I thought it would be nice to be able to start a custom container with Logstash as an iexample. This could be used for the elastic agent traffic pipeline.
Is this possible?

KR Henk

Hi @stobbe Welcome to the Community.

Today Running Logstash on ECE is not supported, but it is a much requested feature. It is under consideration but there is no Commitment or Timeline at this point.

Stay Tuned, but for now you will need to run Logstash outside ECE.

Hello Stephen,

Thanks for your answer, or having the option of running a "user-integration" server (-;
But enough dreaming, thanks!

KR Henk

I am not sure what that is....

Hi Stephen,

What I meant is a container that is created by the user, so we have elastic, kibana, integration ...... servers (=docker containers). And I was dreaming about building my own container(s) that could be managed within ECE.
So not only logstash but also other container/servers like kafka (-;
Was just a thought, your first answer was already perfect, thanks(-;

KR Henk

Ahhh thanks... well eventually perhaps you will migrate to ECK / K8s and then you could :slight_smile:

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