ECE Disk full after creating searchable snapshot

My private Cloud ECE storage had approx. 10% of the storage left so I decided to configure and move the oldest indices to searchable snapshot repo on s3.

After setting everything up I've noticed that nothing was created, so I verified repository status on Kibana and got information about insufficient privilege's to delete test file and about 2 minutes after that information that all my disk space is full, what led to

So my question is, how can delete old indices in "offline" mode, because when I try to delete the oldest index, I am getting "504 Gateway Time-out" error.
"curl -k -X DELETE -u "user:pass""

Hi again,

topic can be closed, I managed somehow to:

  • delete some indices in /mnt/data (I know it is destructive and not recommended)
  • restarted docker containers: admin and Elasticsearch
    After that I could login into Cloud UI and from here, I could manage indices and other stuff.

Topic can be closed

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