ECE fundamentals lab 3 step 7

Course: ECE Fundamentals
Version: E-E04NO1
Question: On lab 3, step 7, it's wanting me to test the accessibility of the API with the
"elastic" user.

The solution states to use this:


I have tried the internal and public IP address as well as the Dynamic and Public DNS and none of them work.

I am executing from Instance 1. The response I get back is:

{"ok":false,"message":"Unknown resource."}
curl: (16) Error in the HTTP2 framing layer

Looking for guidance on how to proceed.

This is the response I receive:

Enter host password for user 'elastic':
{"ok":false,"message":"Unknown resource."}
curl: (16) Error in the HTTP2 framing layer

Hi @mbowman ,

you should be using curl -X GET -k -u elastic <ENDPOINT> and replace <ENDPOINT> with the Elasticsearch endpoint you see in your ECE deployment. Please check step 4 of lab 3.


@Andre_Murbach_Maidl ,

Thanks so much! That what I was missing, but you already knew that.

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