ECE Saml Error still persists after upgrade

Hi @Alex_Piggott,

I saw that ECE 2.2.3 came out and it had a SAML bug fix. However, after upgrading I still see the same error as explained in here: ECE - SAML integration error .

Any suggestions?


Hi Andrea, if the configuration you provided in the topic you refer to has not changed, then you need to fix it:
"acs": "",
need to be changed to
"acs": "",
The IDP's acs should point to that endpoint as well.

Hi @Yuri,

Thanks for the suggestion,I have just made the change and still get the same error where the ACS is showing as HTTP instead of HTTPS.

Hi @afuggetta - sorry the problem is persisting, we're double checking what made it into 2.2.3, stand by

Thanks @Alex_Piggott.

(update - we confirmed it's still broken in 2.2.3 .. sorry about that, we're trying to figure out what's going on)

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Hey @afuggetta,

Today we've released ECE 2.3.2 which includes a fix for this bug (see 2.3.2 Release Notes). HTTPS should finally work properly after the upgrade.