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ECE 2.2.2 - RPM

I've read through the documentation on upgrading ECE but have a few questions.

Looking to upgrade from 2.2.2 to 2.3 due to the fact that we would like to implement SAML and allow our users to access their Kibana instances easily. From what I understand 2.2.2 had a bug that hindered SAML via https.

Installation steps:

  1. Backup transition logs. I believe this refers to zookeeper.log in our apps/data/elastic/<RUNNER_ID>/services/zookeeper/logs folder with zookeeper.log being the file to backup but some clarification on that would be appreciated.

  2. Change to a user that belongs to the docker group.

  3. Configure Elastic Cloud Enterprise to perform the individual container upgrades by creating a frc-upgraders-upgrader container on each host that is part of the installation.
    I did a bit of docker research and it seems like docker create -name frc-upgraders-upgrader would be the command to create this. Create this container on all 15 of our host or just the directors? Seems like all 15 would be the correct answer.

  4. Download and run the latest installation script with the upgrade action on a single host that holds the director role:

bash <(curl -fsSL upgrade
  1. Add Elastic Stack packs.

  2. Upgrade the system deployments if needed. Ours are at 6.6.2 so it seems like they are on the right version.

Appreciate any insight and recommendations.

Hi Ryan,
you do not need to perform the step #1 because

  • the ZooKeeper log is not what is mentioned in the documentation you refer. It mentions a transaction log that is in apps/data/elastic/<RUNNER_ID>/services/zookeeper/data
  • ECE Upgrade does it for you.

In general, you need to download the ECE installation script (step '#4') and run it in a host that belongs to the ECE cluster and that has a role director. The script will do everything else.

However, if ECE is running in an air-gapped environment, you will need to do a little bit more.

Thanks for the clarification on the transaction log. I was a bit confused because I did not see anything specific to a transaction log in the data folder. I do however see something in the data/version-2 folder but if I don't need to worry about it I wont.

Were not on an air-gapped envrionment so I'll start with the upgrade command. Appreciate the insight and assistance. Enjoy the rest of your day!

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