ECK 7.8.0 on Code Ready Containers

Hello - I'm trying to run ECK on CRC v9:

$ crc version: 1.9.0+a68b5e0
OpenShift version: 4.3.10 (embedded in binary)

Just following the quick start in I'm getting the error "0/1 nodes are available: 1 Insufficient memory"

My understanding from the quick start is that the following configuration in the ElasticSearch manifest - false - is supposed to avoid the need to do anything regarding vm.max_map_count. But it does not appear to be working in CRC

I'm wondering if anyone has successfully deployed ECK on CRC. Thanks

The error message you have got:

has nothing to do with the virtual memory configuration for Elasticsearch. It simply states that your crc environment does not have enough memory to run the workloads you are trying to run. You might want to reconfigure your VM to give it more memory as documented here

Indeed that was it. I increased the VM size to 16G and all is well. Thanks