ECK - coordinating nodes expose ingress

We are using ECK for ELK clusters and we have a deployment for example with the following:

- 3 master nodes
- 3 data nodes
- 2 coordinating nodes

When we deploy this, a default service - <cluster>-es-http is created which balances traffic across all nodes.
We are exposing this service via ingress where we are using the <cluster>-es-http service created earlier.
When we do a curl to this ingress: https://mycluster we can see that the requests are balanced on EVERY node.

However, when performing data injection via the ingress created earlier, how to actually check that the requests are actually going only to the coordinating nodes? because they are like smart LoadBalancers .

Only this type of nodes should receive indexing requests?
This default creation of service and using it for an ingress automatically does this?

I need to expose just the coordinating nodes or use the default service?

Looking forward,

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