Ingress to load balance across data nodes


I'm completely new to Kubernetes and ECK, so I hope this question is easy to answer.

I am deploying a number of Elasticsearch data nodes in a cluster which I would like to target via an Ingress controller.

I note that the service quickstart-es-http is created when deploying, is it best practice to edit this service to target specific groups, or to create a completely new Ingress service?


I didn't fully understand what you are looking for.

If you want to set up an ingress controller on top of your quickstart-es-http service, there's no need to edit the service created for Elasticsearch. If you just want to access ES via ingress, you can refer to an example here eck-fleet-and-ingress-controller/ingress.yml at main · framsouza/eck-fleet-and-ingress-controller · GitHub

It will require of course the ingress/nginx deployment to be up and running.

Hi @framsouza

Thanks for the advice. That's a big help. I ended up setting up an Ingress controller separate to the built-in quickstart-es-http.

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