Expose the http service only for ingest nodes in ECK 2.6.1


I have a cluster in k8s deployed with ECK 2.6.1 which has 2 ingest nodes.
How can I control that data sent to the ingest nodes for pre-indexing instead of the whole cluster ?
I see in the custom resource that http is not set per nodeSets but at a cluster level.
So how can I target the ingest nodes other than creating a separate Service resource and use some label at selector for ingest nodes ?

I don't think u can. You have to make another service with selectors.

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@screwyy you can create a route to your target ingest node similar to how it's done for other services running in a namespace.
However, do keep in mind that when you have SPOC for ingestion and logging is performed heavily by the services, you will end up in bulk write request rejections (status 429) more frequently.

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