ECK flags and env configurations


For configuring Elastic Cloud on Kubernetes (ECK), I tried following the instructions on this link:

I would like to change some of the default values using "environment variables". Can you please clarify where should I configure these? Am I supposed to change the all-in-one.yaml definition of the statefulset? Are those variables supposed to be added to the "values.yaml" of a helm chart? and if so, how? I tried in the values.yaml with either:

    value: false
    value: sebas-elastic



I would rather not to change the CRD definition nor use flags during command line deployment (i don't deploy using CLI, but a gitops system instead).

Thank you.

You have to add the environment variable declarations to the manager container template defined in the elastic-operator StatefulSet definition. This is indeed in the all-in-one.yaml file. If you take a look at the all-in-one.yaml, there are already two environment variables declared (OPERATOR_NAMESPACE and WEBHOOK_SECRET). You can add more to that array.

That being said, AUTO_PORT_FORWARD is not a setting you should be concerned about as it is a flag that only takes effect in development mode. OPERATOR_NAMESAPCE is derived automatically from the namespace the operator is deployed to so you don't have to explicitly change it either. Just make sure the operator is deployed to sebas-elastic instead of elastic-system by changing the namespace of resources declared in the all-in-one.yaml.

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