ECK on AWS EKS: Persisting a volumeClaimTemplates

I have an ECK 1.3.1 deployed in AWS EKS. In my elastic.yml I have specified a volumeClaimTemplates to use a storageClass that was created using another deployment file.

# StorageClass definition


kind: StorageClass


name: storage-01



type: gp2

iopsPerGB: "300"

fsType: ext4

reclaimPolicy: Retain

allowVolumeExpansion: true

I would like to be able to re-use the EBS volumes that get created with the deployment. So I had set the reclaimPolicy to Retain in the storageClass declaration. However, everytime I delete/apply the elastic deployment, a new EBS volume is attached. How can I make sure that a new deployment in the cluster would attach to the existing EBS volume?

I see in latest ECK (1.5), there is an option to specify volume claim delete policy (Volume claim templates), wondering if something similar could be possible in 1.3.1?

volumeClaimDeletePolicy: DeleteOnScaledownOnly


This is not possible in 1.3.1. This is only available from ECK 1.5.0.

What are you preventing from upgrading to the latest ECK version (1.6.0)?