ECK Operator Invalid License

I deployed the ECK Operator (v1.0.1) along with elasticsearch (7.6.0) and kibana (7.6.0) in my GKE cluster. The operator is in the elastic-system namespace, while elasticsearch and kibana are in the security namespace. I followed the instructions here to create a trial license. After creating the trial license secret, the ECK operator applied this annotation to the secret: trial can be started only once. We had never started a trial, so we got an actual trial license from a member of the elastic team.

With the license in json format, I deleted the old trial license secret and created a new one following [](http://this documentation). The ECK operator logs were reporting that the signature was invalid for this license. I then used the Kibana Dev tools to successfully update the license, but after a few hours the Basic license had returned. I updated the license again the same way and again it was revoked a few hours later. This has happened several times now, whether or not the license kubernetes secret is present.

An ECK trial can only be started by following the instructions you linked to first. It is hard to say without looking at the specific license what kind of trial license you were given by the Elastic team member you mentioned. This is why I would ask you to reach out to that person at Elastic you are working with or to support so that we can look into your specific case.

One thing is certain: you cannot start an ECK trial with any other Elastic trial license. An ECK trial can only be started by creating a empty secret with the expected annotations/labels as described in the documentation.