ECK Operator - Leader Election Lost causes Restart

Using Fresh ECK setup v2.3.0 in Azure Kubernetes Service. Elasticsearch version 7.16.2

Getting these errors consistently across multiple ECK setups, which causes pod restart.
(Replica for eck-operator = 1 only)

E0820 17:48:44.639898       1 leaderelection.go:330] error retrieving resource lock elastic-system/elastic-operator-leader: Get "": context deadline exceeded

08-20-2022 23:18:442022-08-20T17:48:44.640022273Z          {"message":null,"namespace":null}08-20-2022 23:18:440  I0820 17:48:44.639958       1 leaderelection.go:283] failed to renew lease elastic-system/elastic-operator-leader: timed out waiting for the condition           0    0         0   

2022-08-20T17:48:44 Failed to start the controller managermanager{"message":"Failed to start the controller manager","namespace":null}leader election lost

2022-08-20T17:48:44 Operator stopped with errormanager{"message":"Operator stopped with error","namespace":null}leader election lost

2022-08-20T17:48:44 Shutting down due to errormanager{"message":"Shutting down due to error","namespace":null}leader election lost

What's the cause of this error and what can we do to address this?

I am not sure what is the cause of your issue. But the error you quoted makes me wonder if you Kubernetes cluster is healthy. Do other requests to the API server let's say with kubectl succeed any other indications that the Kubernetes control plane is unhealthy?

Get "": context deadline exceeded

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