Eck-operator error logs

I see a lot of errors coming out of eck operator :

This is one instance:

E0819 10:51:42.525350       1 leaderelection.go:330] error retrieving resource lock elastic-system/elastic-operator-leader: "elastic-operator-leader" is forbidden: User "system:serviceaccount:elastic-system:elastic-operator" cannot get resource "leases" in API group "" in the namespace "elastic-system"

I've also observed the pod keeps restarting.

Using eck 2.3.0

Since 2.3.0 ECK relies on resources for leader election, see this comment here. I think you upgraded the operator image without upgrading the operator role.

This is a fresh installation of ECK 2.3.0 and not an upgrade. Do I have to do anything else to make sure these errors don't show up?

Interesting, how the ECK operator has been installed?

Just verified, looks like it is an upgrade. Thanks.

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