ECK vas Elastic HELM Charts

We are building an SaaS application that integrates Elastic Observability with others software on Kubernetes.

We currently use Elastic Stack Kubernetes HELM charts ( to deploy and manage Elastic stack including Beats on Kubernetes.
We would like to switch to ECK that provides many advantages over HELM charts deployment.

However, we found that ECK doesn't provide HELM charts for (filebeat, metricbeat, etc.) deployments.

Therefore, we have two options:

  1. Create our own ECK helm charts and migrate to the official ones when they will be available in the future
  2. Continue on the existing helm chart or use the elastic helm chart then migrate to ECK later when ECK helm charts are available.

The first option is NOT an ideal approach for us because we don't want maintaining them by ourself.
If we choose the second option for now, and if our customer chooses to
upgrade to an enterprise version, do you (Elastic support) provide enterprise support
using Elastic helm charts, not using ECK?

Would you please guide us what is the right way to well integrate Elastic on Kubernetes?

Hi Jin,

Thanks for joining and posting!

There is active work going on to allow for Beats in ECK via Custom Resource Definitions (CRD) and a first version is already merged:

This describes the implementation and links to further issues where details are discussed.

So far this brings native support for Filebeat and Metricbeat and an initial support for other Beats (what is needed is mentioned in the pull request) and you might want to give this a try for your migration.

Yes, Helm Charts are officially supported by Elastic and you can get some support as long as you have a support subscription.