Elastic Stack Helm Charts

I had started an epic to fix the elastic-stack helm chart in helm/stable: https://github.com/helm/charts/issues/14564

I think this work is still desirable because it should be easy to install the stack using helm without having to manually link the pods together. Is this something the community is interested in?

Hi @LaurentGoderre. Thanks so much for your inquiry.

I noticed that your question references the helm/stable repository and not the official Elastic Helm charts repo. While we have been collaborating with the community chart maintainers on migration plan for users switching from the helm/charts Elasticsearch and Kibana charts to the official Elastic charts, we don't have any direct influence on the contents of the helm/stable repository. I'm not sure whether you're already aware of this but the helm/stable Elasticsearch and Kibana charts are in the process of being deprecated. Here are the pre-deprecation notices for Elasticsearch and Kibana.

The Elastic Helm charts are configured in such a way that the various products are able to connect and work with each other out of the box. I haven't yet seen a request for a single chart which will deploy multiple products but I'd be interested to understand more about your use case. If this is something you are interested in requesting/discussing, I would recommend opening an issue in the elastic/helm-charts repo and we can explore the idea more fully there.

Hey Michelle

My co-worker introduced to the operator that basically does this. It would however benefit from having a helm chart itself (there apparently even an issue on GitHub discussing the need for this). I am wondering if I can be helpful in creating that chart.

Let me know!

Hey Laurent,

Thank you for the offer on helping with the chart. We are happy to take community contributions for Elastic Cloud on Kubernetes. The issue can be found here: https://github.com/elastic/cloud-on-k8s/issues/938. We'll continue looking at how we can make deploying ECK even easier with packaging such as helm, but do not have a timeline at the moment


Hi just curious about the status of the elasticsearch helm chart -- is that project really going forward or is it deprecated now that ECK has been released?

The work was done but not accepted. The pull request was closed as so recall but can easily be revived.