ECS fields for E-Commerce

Hi there,

I would like to bring new "non-log" ECS fields to the table and would love to get some feedback from the community. We want to sponsor fields for e-commerce:

  • orders
  • payments
  • products
  • ...

I think, the e-commerce, or commerce / retail / etc. industry is using Elasticsearch a lot and fields for such entities are missing a lot.
Furthermore, we realized, that there is a high amount of fields, that are always the same, no matter if your company is processing 10k orders or 10 a day.
For example:
order: order-lines with products, quantity, price net, gross, order date, order update date, etc..
product: product id, description, price net, gross, etc..

Do you think, that commerce fields should be included in the ECS? We would love to contribute :slight_smile:

Hello @Jannik_Z !

Great question! I think that e-commerce fields don't quite fit in with the current direction of ECS. While they're definitely not uncommon in the industry, they lean more specific than we've previously tended to go with ECS.

If you're interested in engaging with the community and getting a broader range of input, you are absolutely welcome to propose an RFC.

We also have a public slack with a dedicated ECS channel (#stack-ecs) where community members will engage each other.

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