ECS & Palo Alto Logs

Hello. I've seen some logstash pipelines for parsing Palo Alto logs by using CSV plugin. I'm curious if anyone has taken this a step further and aligned the fields with the Elastic Common Schema. I am working on doing this, and some of the field mappings seem nebulous.

I currently have some of the log types mapped with some additional fields not defined in ECS framework, I am just hoping to find someone else on this path with which I can compare notes.

There has been some discussion at:

Do you think discuss is a better place to have a discussion on the topic, or should I talk about it on the Github issue?
I'd also be interested in just talking about mappings from log field to ECS field, as I'm probably not going to send to a central syslog server with filebeat installed, rather sending from Palo Alto using the syslog forwarder to a load balancer and straight into Logstash where I map the fields myself.

I'm good with using that issue to generally discuss the mappings. I haven't really taken a close look at the fields yet, but Mike has. I'll ask him to make those spreadsheets publicly readable so you can see the mappings he started.

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