Edge-ngram and irrelevant scoring

Hello ,
I'm applying edge-ngram as index toxenizer . My problem is that when a term matches , it matches so many times on the same field . As a consequence , the score become too high and irrelevant.
Here is an example : when i search for the word "Hystorique" i match the value "Consultation_Hystorique_Clients_Recherches" which is correct . but here is the highlights :

"highlight": {
                        "data.content": [
>                     }.

here is my analyzer:

"analysis": {
          "analyzer": {
            "autocomplete": {
              "tokenizer": "autocomplete",
              "filter": ["lowercase"]
          "tokenizer": {
            "autocomplete": {
              "type": "edge_ngram",
              "min_gram": 3,
              "max_gram": 50,
              "token_chars": [
              ],"custom_token_chars": ["_","-"]

thanks in advance.

I think you should define in the mapping a simple search_analyzer for your field.
This might help.

I shared an example at the very end of this gist:

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