Editing index settings / ILM post index creation


I'm trying to change the index settings, specifically the ILM of an index. Throuigh an initial config error, the ILM that was applied to the index caused the following elements to be set:

  "index.routing.allocation.exclude.data": "cold",
  "index.routing.allocation.require.data": "cold",

This has the obvious issue that the index can't be moved to the cold node.
I've tried editing this index directly in Kibana but although there are no errors when I save the changes, the index does not update. I've tried directly as well using various itterations of the PUT command, such as:

PUT winlogbeat-7.3.2-2019.10.09-000004
    "cluster.routing.allocation.exclude.data" : ""

all to no avail.
Can anyone tell me if what I'm trying isn't possible and the ILM set at the time of creation is set in stone? I'm starting to think this is the case...


So for anyone else coming across this with the same issue, the solution is:

PUT /winlogbeat-7.3.2-2019.10.09-000004/_settings
  "index" : {
    "routing.allocation.exclude.data": ""

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