Effiecient way to store the result of a large slow query

(Chen Wang) #1

Hi guys,
Just wondering what is the most efficient way of executing a query that
takes time(parent/child documents) and returns large amount of entries, and
store the result in randomly evenly divided block to HDFS? e.g, the query
will return 100million records and I want every random 1million stored in a
different location(file/folder) on HDFS.

I assume I could execute the query with scroll, and then whenever I
received the 1 million records back, I then spawn anther thread to commit
it to HDFS? Is there a way to run the query distributed way and have 100
threads query ES at the same time and each getting a random 1million
back(without duplicate)? will ES hadoop help in this case?

Appreciate your input!

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