EFS:disk quota exceeded

every day around 5 A.M i hava to restart the elasticsearch and logstash to push the logs to index. while viewing log i got the error " neste
d: IndexShardRecoveryException[failed to recover from gateway]; nested: EngineCreationFailureException[failed to create engine]; nested: IOExcept
ion[Disk quota exceeded]; ]"

so some please help me out

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First, you should probably check your disk quota limit and then check if you hit it every moring? Are you running some force merges as a cronjob maybe? Any other cronjob running at 5am?

You need to make sure you have enough disk space dedicated to Elasticsearch, all the time. This does not only mean enough disk space for the data but also for merges going on.


am not aware how to check disk quota but the efs attached is of 8E. the mysql slave is running at every half an hour.

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