Elasti Search failed to connect local host port:9200

Hi Everyone,
I Installed eck-operator, elasticsearch and kibana using this chart - [helm-charts/elasticsearch at main · elastic/helm-charts · GitHub] successfully deployed. kibana ui user page also coming. But while exposing the elasticsearch service through the port, It shows: page not working. Can anyone suggest me the solution.
Kubernetes version: 1.23

Note: We are using ELK for logs.


try https://

Can you show the server listening ports ?

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What do the Elasticsearch logs show?

Thanks man it works.

I deployed filebeat as sidecar in our micro service helm chart, in that yaml I mentioned elasticsearch host, username, password and kibana host also. But when I use the kibana UI it asking to add integration.

In this I clciked elasticsearch logs, because filebeat transfer the var/log path from our componenet to elasticsearch thats what I clicked elasticsearch logs.

then again asking to add filebeat. I don't know about this. can u guide me what is integration and how can i get our componenet logs to kibana.

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