Elastic 2 Cluster Setup upgrade

I have 2 elastic machines

M1 and M2

They both are master eligible and replicas of each other. I need to rebuild M1. But when I do that and reinstall everything on this box. M1 doesn't join back M2. I am assuming that M2 is eligible but not becoming master and may have to do with "voting rights".

How do I make it work so after a hardware and OS upgrade M1 will join M2 back and become the master and copy the data

Which version are you using?

Version 7.8

If you only have 2 master eligible nodes I believe you can not just rebuild one server as you then lose half the master eligible nodes which means a master can no longer be elected. Before you rebuild, make sure you take a snapshot and then remove the master node to be rebuilt.

I would also recommend you read this.

@Christian_Dahlqvist, from those docs, wouldn't easiest path be EITHER of:

  1. Set master-eligible false on M1 node and restart it so it's data node only, then after cluster is stable, stop & rebuild M1. If need to rebuild later, swap master roles (M1.true, rejoin, M2.false, rejoin, stop & rebuild).

  2. Add small voting-only node somewhere, then rebuild M1 any time.

I'd think #1 easiest.

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