Elastic 5.0 2 nodes cluster running on top of DC/OS 1.8.6

Good evening everyone,

My Name is Carlos Ruiz and I've set a DC/OS 1.8.6 lab environment with 3 masters and 3 agent nodes

One of the requirements we got from our customer is to be able to run a cluster with two instances of Elastic 5.x on different nodes.

I know that we can set such cluster running the task in dc/os setting


parameter with the name of 2 of the 3 nodes and setting a constraint into those specific nodes, but the preferred option for scalability is to be able to set this configuration on a dynamic way

Have any of you made a configuration like this?, do you have any recipe that you can share or any reference link that I can use?

Thanks in advance for your help

Kind Regards

The usual thing to do is to set that parameter to all the master nodes. You can also use the file discovery plugin to read the hosts dynamically. I'm told that the file based plugin works well for folks in very dynamic environments.

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