Elastic 5.6 dynamic template mappings _default_


I'm little confused with the mapping deprecation, I read here:


I'm creating a new app using the last 5.6 elastic and I have dynamic template mapping defined like in logstash here:

According to the documentation "default" is deprecated in 6.0 so If I use it in 5.6 I'll have deprecation warning when I'll upgrade!
I prefer to go the correct way now, so I have nothing to do later. But the problem is I don't find in the doc what to use to have the equivalent? What is the correct way to go?

Thanks for any help.

Instead of using _default_, use the actual type that you are passing in.

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Thanks for the reply, now I get it but my case was not exactly this, sorry for the confusion.

"template": "*", <---- I have a top template that will apply to all my indices... :sweat:

Or does it mean that all my type will be named "unamed" <--- or whatever generic name?

Ok I got it!!! anyway it make sense in a way that it will be removed so don't care about the name!

It took time but now I got it! :ok_man:

Thanks a lot!

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