Elastic 5 performance problem


We are using Elastic 1.7.6. As a company, we think it is better to upgrade Elastic 5.x. Anyway, we have been testing it for a week we hoped to see performance improvements but it performed worse. Search requests are responding slower. In addition, we didn't add any new configs we just transformed old ones to new ones.
Machine specs:
3 nodes each
64 GB ram
8 cpu(dedicated)
80 gb ssd

total 3 shards 1 replicas.(we have 2 indexes)

My question is; is it normal or do we have wrong configs? I couldn't find any comparison with older versions.

There were multiple complaints about performance regressions.
It would be nice if somebody could find the time/resources to put something like http://speed.pypy.org/ online.

We perform nightly benchmarks, which are available online. There are a lot of changes between Elasticsearch 1.x and 5.x with respect to querying, indexing and data storage, so it would be useful to know exactly what you have tried and what you find slower.

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