Elastic Agent 8.5.3 Logging

Hello, I am facing some difficulties in configuring the agent log path when running in standalone mode.

Agent Version: 8.5.3
Distribution: linux_x86-64

Startup command: ./elastic-agent -run -c <path_to_config>

Based on the elastic agent logging documentation, my understanding is that agent logs should be logged onto the log path specified in the the config.

However I can seem to get it to work. All agent logs seem to be logged to data/elastic-agent-0e1a73/logs in ndjson files.
Input logs are found in data/elastic-agent-0e1a73/logs/logstash/metrics (I assume the folder path here is controlled by the input name as specified in the config)

Any idea how to get it to work?

I happened to have an installation of 8.3.0 and tested it, which is working as intended.

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