Elastic-agent as non-root - possible?


We're doing a POC on the ELK stack and are now looking into the elastic-agent and fleet. Our install is on RHEL8 VMs. We now ran into this:

Error: unable to perform install command, not executed with root permissions

I also found on Beats and Elastic Agent capabilities | Fleet and Elastic Agent Guide [8.5] | Elastic that

Fleet-managed Elastic Agents require root permission, in particular for Elastic Defend. Standalone Elastic Agents and Beats do not

Is it possible at all the install a fleet managed elastic-agent as non-root? Asking root permissions, letting something run as root or even installing something as root is a no-go in our environment.

I don't think so, the managed elastic-agent needs to be installed and run as root to be able to install and update the integrations and itself.

If you cannot use it as root then you will need to self-manage the agents or use one of the beats.

Plus there is specific logs and other system level things the Beats need root access to be able to read.

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