Elastic Agent for Windows - visibility of Docker Containers in Kibana

Hi, we are trialing a move to Fleet and the Elastic Agent. Everything looks good for Linux Hosts, but with our Windows one if I look at Observability > Infrastructure > Inventory, filter for the hosts and then select 'Show > Docker Containers' I cannot see the one Windows based container running on that server.

This is a server 2019 instance built from an AWS ECS Optimised AMI. Metrics such as resource use and top processes are fine.

Should I expect to be able to see the container here the same way we do for Linux?

Thank you.

Small update; I had assigned the audit integration to the policy in use for Windows agents and as that is not supported that appears to have been making the agent continually restart.

Removing that seems to have stablished it, however I still don't see any running containers, and the agent logs show:

[elastic_agent][info] Docker provider skipped, unable to connect: protocol not available

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