Elastic Agent, Ingest pipeline processing fields

I apologise if this is a silly question. I have been reading the documentation and trying to understand how to use the ingest pipelines to get my data into fields. I have had some success, However I have become stuck with some types of custom logs and was wondering what I was missing.

As an example I am using a dissect pattern in my ingest pipeline such as

%{@timestamp} [%{module}] %{log.level} %{message->}

This will process the following log output.

2022-12-16 04:25:24-0800 [-] LOAD -  POST api call - https:///utilApp/webapi/secured//update?processcd=wady=23 20
2022-12-16 04:25:24-0800 [HTTP11ClientProtocol (TLSMemoryBIOProtocol),client] LOAD -  post call response - b status success  20

That works well as there is no real data I need to separate into explicit fields and can just pass it to the message field.

the issue I am faced with is that same log file contains some interesting data that I would lie to put into ecs fields. I am however unsure in Elastic if I can treat certain log content differently to be able to process this.

2022-12-16 04:25:34-0800 [-] LOAD - Updating load specs with - {'hostName': 'bull.com', 'cpu1': 0.0, 'cpu5': 0.05, 'cpu15': 0.05, 'cpu
Utilization': 0.6, 'totalMemory': '9.59', 'totalCpu': '8', 'memoryUtilization': '1.12', 'rollover': 'Y', 'dcLocation': 'V'}  20

I understand I may be able to do it with Logstash, but really wanted to stay with fleet and the elastic agent to process my data.

So I moved to a grok expression

TIMESTAMP_ISO8601:timestamp} ?%{GREEDYDATA:loglevel}? %{WORD:event} - %{GREEDYDATA:message} %{NUMBER:number}

Then ran a further processor to copy the message field to another field called additionaldata and on this field ran a JSON processor.

I now get the data into Elastic with fields for the line

2022-12-16 04:25:34-0800 [-] LOAD - Updating load specs with - {'hostName': 'bull.com', 'cpu1': 0.0, 'cpu5': 0.05, 'cpu15': 0.05, 'cpu
Utilization': 0.6, 'totalMemory': '9.59', 'totalCpu': '8', 'memoryUtilization': '1.12', 'rollover': 'Y', 'dcLocation': 'V'}  20

but my other two lines are dropped with
reason":"object mapping for [additionaldata] tried to parse field [additionaldata] as object, but found a concrete value"}, dropping event!

I suspect it's due to the data structure not being the same. Is there away to put a conditional in my pipeline to only copy and process the field if the "Updating load" exists in message and for the other two lines just skip the "set" and "json" processors.

I am starting to feel this is beyond me.

Well I added a conditional to the set and json processors as

 "if (ctx.message.contains(\"hostName\")) { return true}"

This would seem to be enough to now process the JSON data or skip it. So I got what I needed. Not sure this is a particularly good way to do it. So would be grateful if anyone could show me a better method.

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