Elastic-agent is parsing syslog events different (than Filebeat)


I switched from the ‘classic’ Filebeat to Elastic-Agent. Very handy, but there is a difference how events are being parsed.

My Syslog events from devices and Raspberry Pies are routed via a central syslog server. And from there via Elastic-Agent to Elastic.

In the old way an event in Elastic was parsed like this:

  • host.name: Syslogserver
  • host.hostname: Original sender (like a Raspberry Pi)
  • message: the original message without the headers (date / time / host)

Now it’s like this:

  • host.name: Syslogserver
  • host.hostname: Syslogserver
  • message: the whole original message with the headers

Now stuff like reports and SIEM aren’t working correctly anymore.



I think I made a mistake.Sorry.
Please close this one for now

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