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Hello everyone, I've been testing the Elastic Cloud by using the 14 days trial and so I wanted to check everything I could. Since I already used the APM agents with django and java on self-management, now on Cloud I've been trying to use the Elastic Agent to check the extensions, for now focused in see the Endpoint Security.

The problem I got here is that after following all the steps in order to use the Endpoint Security, downloading and installing/enrolling the Elastic Agent it just keeps updating and no data comes in and since is not working I don't even know if there is any log I could look into.

I've heard that it might take sometime to everything starts but for now I wonder if there is any step that I skipped.

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I can't remember what exactly makes the status 'Updating', but the logs are at your fingertips. Click on RSI1529, verify the overall Agent status, that's what the stack knows about it at the moment, then choose the tab 'Logs' (make sure to adjust the filters if needed, like the time range).

Other than the logs, I would suggest troubleshooting on the target machine. Elastic Agent provides command line for troubleshooting. Which OS are you testing on? For Windows it would be C:\Program Files\Elastic\Agent\elastic-agent.exe help. I would suggest to stat with status and version options.

Beware that Endpoint Security 8.1.3 is not supported in containers (docker, etc).

Let us know if that helped

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Thank you for the fast reply. I've been trying to fix it so far until I've found a topic here which explains how it worked in order to install the elastic agent as Standalone. While I can't really say it was a solution for the problem I pointed out, it certainly was a way to deal with my problem in particular since I just wanted to run it.

In any case, thanks for reaching out. Appreciate the help!

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