Elastic Agent RUM - Cryptography

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What is the algorithm used to encrypt data between Elastic Agent RUM and APM server?



Not sure what you are asking / trying to figure out.

Should you choose, the connection between the Agent and APM Server is over HTTPS/SSL. No other "encryption" is used, as far as I know.

What are you looking for the TLS version?

Perhaps you are looking for TLS Versions and Ciphers for TLS

Hello Stephen,

My question is more related to the payload that is sent to an Elastic APM Server.
I dont know if there is something on Agent's code that keeps the RUM data safe while sending it to an APM server, even if I use an HTTP connection. That logic is what I am looking for.

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No the payload is plain text / json, that is why we highly recommend HTTPS / TLS for encryption in transit between the RUM agent and the APM Server

If you choose to Only use HTTP the payload will be clear text / json

So to be precise you need to setup SSL on the APM server then configure RUM Agent serverUrl to that HTTPS endpoint of the APM server.

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