Elastic Agent stops working

I've installed elastic agent and it connects to my Kibana, but after some seconds I get this error: "Application: metricbeat--7.11.1[e9e46cd0-792e-11eb-8062-9be23ea21776]: State changed to FAILED: 1 error: 1 error: Error creating runner from config: 1 error: metricset 'system/load' not found".
Do I need Metricbeat installed?
Thank you!

@Cosmin_Ciobanu1 Which version of the stack you are running because we did fix that issues in a recent version of the stack?

Last one! 7.11

@pierhugues any help?

There is 7.11.2 is the latest. Are you on 7.11.2? That might fix this.

Is this a known issue for versions before 7.11.2?
I installed elastic agent v7.10.1 as my Kibana is running on v7.10.1and my metricbeat.json log file shows the above error. So making sure before I upgrade my kibana and also the elastic agent to the latest version.
Thank you.

I have 7.11.1 @Frank_Hassanabad. I can install 7.11.2, but not upgrade again Kibana? I've upgraded it 2 weeks ago.

You should be able to upgrade it from 7.11.1 to 7.11.2. Are you talking about the cloud with regards to upgrading?

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