Elastic aggregation scrolling

Is there an architectural reason elastic doesn't provide aggregation scrolling?
Is it just not yet implemented, or is there a profound reason that it is not provided?


Do you mean aggs over a scroll, or an agg you can scroll through?


I mean Agg you can scroll through.
Let's say my query term-aggregates documents by specific field, but that field has very high cardinality. I would like to scroll and get the aggregated results of different keys on each scroll.
Every key aggregation should be complete and consider all relevant documents regardless of the scrolling of keys, of course.

Putting aside the performance concerns, there is complex user logic.
Unlike a tabular query result set with aggs you potentially have many nested sets organised in a complex tree (the top ten Xs for each of the top ten Ys...).
When you ask for "the next page" you would potentially need to provide complex context to define which branch, sub-branch and leaf nodes you are asking to be paged in the overall tree.