Elastic and Kibana Keystore - upgrading

I am looking at securing some string in the elasticsearch.yml and kibana.yml. From what I read in this doc it is possible to create a keystore and then use it to store passwords securely. (for example elasticsearch.password:XXXYYYZZZ) A similar concept is applied to Kibana.
What I am interested in is once a keystore is created, does it store something locally on the file system which should not be deleted when reinstalling the elasticsearch/kibana node to use a newer version? If yes, what should be retained? If not, does this mean each time we need to create a new keystore and add the settings? What happens with the keystore settings we inserted with the previous version?

Thank you in advance!

OS: Windows Server 2016
Version: 7.7

Yes, there is. For elasticsearch , it's the elasticsearch.keystore file.

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