Elastic and Kibana Load Balancing

No. Please read the docs around the split index API I linked to.

And its OK if the primary index has 50 shards but the dailies only have 5 for example? That's typically not an issue to have differing shards?

No, different indices should have different settings depending on data and load. For small daily indices I would keep the default 1 shard. If they are vary small and you plan to keep them long I would even recommend going to weekly or monthly indices in order to increase the average shard size.

So a good rule of thumb is to have 10GB per shard then? If thats the case we can plan accordingly.

Our daily index will be between 5 and 10gb and it will stay there almost for ever! We dont delete any data.

In that case aim for larger shards. 30GB to 50GB is often a good size to aim for.

Thanks Christian. I will give that a shot. Any concerns/comments about running Kibana on both 120 and 121 and using NGINX to round robin? Just our way of load balancing?

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