Elastic APM agent duplicates all logs for any Quarkus application starting with version 1.30.0

Already created a jira for this:

But in the meantime, is there any way that I can disable any instrumentation for the APM java agent that is messing my Quarkus Logging system that could fix my duplicated logs?
I tried disabling almost anything with no success. Maybe I need to add something in my application to disable the agent logging capture programatically?
I will have to go back to use version 1.29.0 from 2 years ago or ignore/filter the duplicated logs somehow.

Any insight on this would be highly appreciated

Try disabling log-correlation and see if that makes a diff? eg -Delastic.apm.disable_instrumentations=log-correlation

Thanks for the response.
I already tried this and nothing:
disable_instrumentations=log-correlation, log-error, log-reformatting, logging
or even:

We'll try to reproduce the duplication using your outline in the issue when we can, it may take a while

Thanks a lot, it's pretty easy to duplicate as it happens with any quarkus app. But to debug the issue using the agent and find the problem may be complicated as it seems related to some core function of the agent introduced in 1.30.
I would be happy with some configuration that can disable the log instrumentation or the functionality that can be interfering with the quarkus logging system.

For now I am removing the duplicated logs with hints in the pod so Filebeat is removing them before they are sent to elastic, but it's not the ideal situation to be permanent for every pod involving quarkus. And we can do it because the duplicated timestamp has a different format, if not it would be much harder...