Quarkus and GraalVM support?

Are GraalVM and Quarkus supported by the Java APM agent?

We never had the chance to check it out, but we will be very happy to hear what you found out :slight_smile:.

We've enabled the APM Java agent on a quarkus/GraalVM application but nothing shows up in the APM view. Is there anything I should be looking for in the APM server logs or anywhere else?

Would Jaeger tracing be a solution to get APM on GraalVM applications? Would integrating the Jaeger traces into Elastic APM be the right direction?

If Jaeger can trace them, then it may be a proper option for that - see https://www.elastic.co/blog/exploring-jaeger-traces-with-elastic-apm for some details.
Also, you are able to attach our agent and it writes stuff to logs and sends metrics, you can use our public API to instrument your code.

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