Elastic APM co.elastic.apm.agent.report.AbstractIntakeApiHandler ERROR

Hi we are using the APM Java agent to send some transaction monitoring data to APM. Recently we've started getting the below errors every 30s

2023-12-07 11:53:19,638 [elastic-apm-server-reporter] ERROR co.elastic.apm.agent.report.AbstractIntakeApiHandler - Error sending data to APM server: Server returned HTTP response code: 400 for URL: https://url.apm.eu-west-2.aws.cloud.es.io:443/intake/v2/events, response code is 400

We're using Java APM version 1.43 and Integrations Server 8.11

I've enabled TRACE log level and can't seem to find anything useful to help with debugging.

Any ideas of where to start looking?

Thanks in advance!


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