Elastic.Apm.NetCoreAll does not work when deployed on windows server machine

Hello there

I'm trying to use Elastic.Apm.NetCoreAll on console App developped with .Net.

When running on my laptop, it s working.
But, when i publish console app on windows 2016 server, i got this message :
The framework 'Microsoft.AspNetCore.App', version '5.0.0' was not found.

  • No frameworks were found.
    I listed runtimes deployed on windows server 2016 machine, i got
    E:\Batchs\Calcul\OrangeConsoleProcessMail>dotnet --list-runtimes
    Microsoft.NETCore.App 5.0.0 [C:\Program Files\dotnet\shared\Microsoft.NETCore.App]
    Microsoft.NETCore.App 5.0.10 [C:\Program Files\dotnet\shared\Microsoft.NETCore.App]

Any help please.

Hi @Adil_FATMI,

I think something is missing on the Windows Server 2016 machine - could you try the solution described here?

Thanks for reply
The link is about Linux systems. I removed all references to APM from console app and it works. I guess that this package is not compatible with windows server 2016.

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