Elastic Augeas Not Working

SELECT value FROM augeas WHERE path = '/etc/resolv.conf' AND label = 'nameserver';

When I am running this command, it's running successfully, but it's not retrieving the results.

What is elastic Augeas?

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Augeas is a configuration editing tool. Elastic Augeas is a specific integration of Augeas with the Elastic Stack. In general, Augeas can be used to read and manipulate files.

This forum is for help with Elasticsearch, but it sounds like you need an Augeas (or "Elastic Augeas") expert. It's possible there are some around here but you will have a much better chance of finding useful help on a forum focussed on the product that's causing you problems.

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I appreciate your suggestion and understand that this forum primarily focuses on Elasticsearch-related discussions. It seems like my issue may require expertise in Augeas or "Elastic Augeas." I will consider seeking assistance from a forum specifically dedicated to that product to increase my chances of finding the help I need. Your guidance is valuable, and I'll explore alternative avenues to address my problem effectively.

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