Elastic capabilities

Hi - we are evaluating Elastic for a product. I apologize if some of these
are probably Lucene questions, but I thought some people might be
experienced enough to know. Can anyone answer the following questions:

  1. How does Elastic deal with large number of query terms?

1.1 Is there a limit on the size?
1.2 Is there a point where the number of terms impacts performance?

  1. Does Elastic support Natural Language Searching?

  2. What type of ranking is supported in Elastic?

3.1 Can we assign higher prioirity to certain document or document sets?
(That is, is it possible to upscore certain documents based on something in
the configuration?)
3.2 What is relevancy ranking with Elastic?

  1. Does elastic support duplicate document detection?

  2. Does elastic support hit term mark up?

5.1 Everything in Elastic is loaded in JSON. How would this lend itself to
content mark up?
5.2 Does Elastic to highlighting based on the terms exactly as they appear
in the query or based on what the query matched on (including hits
generated by term gen)

  1. Index Speed
    6.1 Elastic can load very fast. How does this scale with larger content

  2. What languages (human) are supported in Elastic? (I.e. stemming,
    tokenization, normalization)

  3. How does Elastic do when Searching across large sets of data (600
    million plus documents)?

Thank you very much.

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