Elastic Certified Analyst Exam


Im super disappointed that this is the 2nd time i failed the Elastic Certified Analyst Exam. Understand the concept by go through all exam objectives, attended all the training materials and make lots of practice yet did not make it.

All exam questions were answered and it match my answers to the questions. Still could not understand how i failed.

Am i able to do skype business video call and ask the markers what went wrong in the exam instead of email to certificate@elastic.co???

Really super disappointed with the outcome.

Hi linhz,

Sorry to hear about your exam. I understand your disappointment. The best way is to ask questions about an attempt is to contact the certification team at certification@elastic.co. I hope that helps.

I'm not sure if you have already used some of our resources to prepare before. But if you're looking to try again and prepare here's some resources for the Analyst exam to help:

  1. How to prepare for the Elastic certified analyst exam
  2. Certification FAQ


I have completed the last question but did not press submitted and it run out of time. I have used the resources before in preparing for the exam. Really super disappointed. I think that there is no mark awards even the question is answered wrong but concept is applied.

I think I should scored 9 out of 10.

Hi Linhz,

Sorry to hear that. I'm glad you've been using the resources mentioned.

I'm afraid in the Discuss forum we don't have access to any information on exam attempts. I would strongly recommend contacting the certification team at the email address listed above.


Thanks for the link. Yup. Contacted the cert support email.

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