New ECE Student

I am going through the Elastic Certified Engineer course. The videos seem short and the pdf's while long really do not seem to go into details on several items. I do like the labs and I am on module 4 but I feel like I am missing something. Does anyone have any good books or recommendations on supplemental material? I hate to even ask this with as much as the course costs but I don't feel like the videos and pdf's provide enough detail to understand the labs as much as I would like.

Sorry to hear about the lack of detail. We definitely appreciate your feedback. Are there any particular topics that you are struggling with?

Generally, in addition to the Elasticsearch documentation, I found when doing my own certification some additional resources such as The Beginners Crash Course on our community youtube channel. I added the resources to the bottom of this blog that may help you.

If there is a particular topic you are struggling with that isn't covered in those do let us know and we can try to help further.

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